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Disclaimer and site goals

The idea about this website began in 2007, when I was in my second year of residency in oncology, and was dating Maysoon, a nurse in the hematooncology department who later became my wife. I was extremely busy then working hard as a resident, making research, and filing patents, and so on… It turned that I hardly met my girlfriend, and every time we met, she complained that I do not study enough. She was telling me "you should study! I want that you become a good oncologist… the best oncologist!". In order to persuade her that I study, I initiated the and summarized in it a variety of subjects that I studied, the idea was that she will check in this site how I proceed in my studies.


Disclaimer is not meant to provide medical advice or information that replaces your doctor’s advice. Every patient has a special case, and every situation should be discussed with the treating oncologist, after full history, physical examination, blood analysis and imaging. This is why the is only meant to be a preliminary educational tool. should merely serve as a preliminary reference in the field of oncology and nothing more.  For official information regarding medical issues please refer to your doctor or to a formal textbook.    


Trademark issues

The AlphaMed Company, Inc., and Dr. Nicola J. Nasser, M.D., Ph.D. announce that they have amicably resolved the trademark dispute between them.  The parties have agreed that the terms of their settlement shall remain confidential.


Disclaimer and goals

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