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المجال: Lung Cancer 

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On xx Jan 2xxx they diagnosed that I had lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) and I had a surgery one week after, they removed the upper lobe of my left lung and according to the report they removed the lymph nodes and stated that it was negative for malignant cells. The size of tumor 2 x 2 cm. After the surgery they started on me adjuvant Chemotherapy with carboplatin + taxol + avastin for 6 cycles. And now I am doing my follow up blood tests in my home town and it shows that CA 125 is 13.86 and CA 19.9 is 5.54 and CEA is 0.2.

My question is that is there any possibility for the cancer to come back? And what is the duration of life? What are the things I should avoid for not getting It back?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions
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Actually your lung cancer is T1N0M0 which is stage Ia. In stage Ia lung cancer we do not give chemotherapy after operation (adjuvant therapy). Moreover, we do not have any solid proof that Avastin helps in the adjuvant setting of lung cancer treatment.

Winton et al published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine comparing adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy combining cisplatin and vinorelbine versus observation alone for patients with stage Ib and stage II  lung cancer, as you see below there was a survival advantage for chemotherapy.

 Adjuvant therapy for lung cancer NSCLC

Lung Cancer Staging  TNM of Lung Cancer

My advice:

Avoid smoking! And adopt physically active life style.

Dr. Nicola J. Nasser

November 1, 2010


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