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المجال: سرطان الثدي 

    سؤال رقم: 6


Can you please advice my how serious is my mother disease

 The report details

 Origin of Specimen: Lt. breast; mastectomy

Brief clinical History & Diagnosis

Gross Examination: El defined mass measuring 2&1.5 cm with hard areas Lt. mastectomy measuring 17x10x6 cm covered by skin with inverted nipple, on sectioning there is a cavity measuring 4x3 cm in upper lateral quadrant. Dissection of  axillary  tail reveal 10 lymph nodes.

Microscopic Examination

 Sections show malignant tumor composed of large atypical cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and prominent nucleoli DCIS & solid & comedo is seen in about 80% of tumor

 Mitotic figures, calcification, chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate, desmoplasia and lymphovascular invasion seen. Sections of lymph nodes show metastatic tumor in 1/10 lymph nodes. Sections Of nipple, skin, and all margins are free


 Lt. breast; mastectomy - Invasive duct carcinoma 20% and DCIS 80%. Grade II

Stage T1 N1 Mx

1/10 Lymph node show metastatic tumor

 Nipple & margins are free

 ER:- Negative. - PR:-Negative

Her 2 neu :- Positive







This patient suffers from breast cancer (Stage IIA) with involvement of one lymph node out of 10, ER and PR negative, HER2 positive. She needs adjuvant treatment with chemotherapy and Herceptin. This treatment decreases the possibility of recurrence of her breast cancer


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